About Us

Hey! First, welcome to my website!

My name is Jernej Kriznar, and I’m a full-time internet marketer, well educated in SEO, PPC, email and affiliate marketing and owner of marketing agency IM, Jernej Kriznar s.p..

In the past, I’ve been writing in-depth reviews about various business and Internet marketing training programs. It was a turning point for me, so I decided to focus on creating my first product, where I teach about affiliate marketing and SEO.

Later in my career I wanted to start serious business and I decided to offer the marketing services to my clients who wanted effective marketing strategy and right approach with SEO for their business. I'm either way doing this for my own websites, so why wouldn't you have something from this knowledge?

Now I own a marketing agency for those who want to invest their hard earned money and boost you business.

Jerry Kriznar

Meet Our Team

Jernej, CEO

Your go-to guy if you want to develop serious impact for you business, bike enthusiast, lover of surfing, pets and life. 

Tina, head of operations & customer support

My wife who support your business efforts and keep it as simple as possible. 

If you have any questions, make sure to write to me through the Contact page and I’ll be glad to answer all of them! You can also connect with me through Facebook or LinkedIn profile .

Talk soon!

-Jernej Kriznar